Swimmers Book
Gonzalo Cienfuegos

The canvas surface stimulates the creator to propose a visual strategy that allows him to realize a syntax that explains the feelings, emotions and thoughts. The choices are enormous, from iconographic to configurational ones, where the artist will have to choose some and leave others. It is not an easy task to select, within the wide spectrum of alternatives, those that will be more owned.

Matías Vergara chooses the canvas bidimensionality, leaving aside perspective and scenographic cube concept. This means abandon the volumetric modeling so he can refer to graphic strategies as his work.

The painting presents itself in its material and color quality, trying to cover a surface that catches the viewer emotion with the visual sensuality.

It is certainly in this painting and graphic relationship where lies the strength of his work. The support strain pigment expresses the pictorial material crossed by an image that describes the essential features of a female figure.

Taking the water and his bather as strategies to approach the movement subject, sensuality, transparency, color, noble materials like natural linen, the paint stain in its full spontaneity as the precise paths that are showing a trained hand in model description.

The different textures harmonization, some silent and others aggressive, crossed by pure straight lines and color planes where the main character unfolds itself generating a complex visual reality where chance is involved as a key partner in the work outcome.

Water, transparency and seduction are the attributes Vergara catches with a furtive reality where movement speed seems to try and stay still in the eye, reinforced by this conditions realization in sculptures that seek in real volume to extend their presence among us.