Depicting the handcrafted boats as testimony of visual history
To portain a way of life in extinction wich goes beyond just pictorial is one such practice within the history of art that from showing particular preferences of the artista, alsoo allows us to detected certain changes in the referred culture.

Loreto Buttazoni
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“The 'That's life' wasn't able to beat off the 9m shark that ate diverses and fishermen around here. Something i'd rather forget about. This boat been out of the water for some time, living off the memories, perhaps it's scared”.
Roberto Castañeda
Los Vilos Cove, Los Vilos, IV region.
“What a storm we had, there were about a hundred people watching the storm from the coast, but they couldn't see us fighting off the waves. There was just a single seagull about in the sea”.
Emilio Reyes Reyes
Coliumo Cove, Coliumo, VIII region.
“I'm going to tell you what my dad used to say: that in the older days boats weren't made wide like canoes. Did you know that they used to go fishing from Los Vilos to Valparaíso just by rowing and fishing until reaching Portales Cove, and their key for arriving safely was to never look back”.
Pedro Tapia
Las Conchas Cove, Los Vilos, IV region.
“There are no good wood boats left, not even one, there are very few left. They are in their last stage, the truth is that neither in the Higerillas nor in Portales there are wood ones left”.
Luis Pradenas
El Membrillo Cove, Valparaíso, V region.